Let’s Call Wage & Time Theft Like the Crime It Is

Let’s Treat Wage Theft Like The Crime It Is


Billions of dollars in tax revenue and a failure to pay promised wages, mandatory payroll taxes and workers compensation insurance puts a large burden on project owners, general contractors, federal, state and local governments.  Holding dishonest contractors and workers accountable creates a level, competitive playing field for those who work on community projects and bolster our local economy.



Understanding and identifying the risks you or your specific operation needs to be on top of is one of the best and easiest ways to reduce your risk.  Risk mitigation and risk control starts with identification and awareness.

Premium Fraud

Business can break the law through premium fraud.  The two most common types of fraud are underreporting of payroll and employee misclassification.

Working While Collecting Benefits

The claimant says that they cannot or are not working to continue receiving workers’ compensation benefits while they are actually working at another job.

The Exaggerated Claim

Workers who initially sustain a legitimate injury, but exaggerated its severity to collect more oney and stay off the job for a longer period of time.

The False Claim

The injury NEVER occurred, or was knowingly misrepresented as a work-related injury.  Staging an accident also falls into the category, which is a worker intentionally injuring himself to receive benefits.

Knowing that the RIGHT PEOPLE

are in the RIGHT PLACE, at the RIGHT TIME, with the RIGHT SKILL SETS, empowers the General Contractor to effectively manage the project’s subcontractor resources.



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